The purpose of this site is to present the business plan for our new startup. We are developing a Knowledge Base platform which will offer a  significant set of services for Professional Societies and Associations. It  can also be applied to Vertical Business Communities. The primary service is a peer curated knowledge base which is specific to that community.

In the following pages we state our Mission, Who we are, What is a curated Knowledge Base, and why it and our other services will benefit our supported communities and their subscribers.

We present the projections of our business model for the knowledge base subscription service for a single typical Professional Society. It shows a net cumulative profit of over 2 million dollars after 2 years. It does not show the results from the other revenue sources. We plan on adding a new society at least every month the first year. 

We have an operational prototype Knowledge Base and the "TryIt" page allows you to get a sense of the speed and power of the technology. It is not the finished product.

During the next 3 months we will focus on raising capital, refine our business plan, upgrade our prototype and initiate contact with 6 professional societies. We will then select and focus on one of these. 


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me

Sandy Schram

Tel. (949) 212-2635