Optional Extended Services

Buying Group

When appropriate, or requested, we will establish a buying group for members. This will allow members to realize significant discounts when buying products or services for the community. Our  staff together with one or more of the community's curators will oversee this service. We are very open to input and feedback from our subscribers. There will be an additional $5/month charge to be a member of the buying group.

Digital White Labeled Publication

This publication is aimed at our member's existing or potential clients/customers.  The frequency will be dependent on the community's wishes.  The content will be written by professional writers and will have a professional look. It will contain some of the curated material which will be developed with one or more of the curators. It will contain one or more pages, unique to the member.

If required, we will distribute the publication  to the member's mailing list. We also can provide automated campaigns for the members.  This is a special tailored service meant to increase the business of the members using the service. The pricing is based upon the services offered.

Learning Management System Platform

The organization will have available their own Leaning Management System and can create course and manage classes for their members.