Business Model

We have a Subscription Based Business Model. We provide a peer curated knowledge base to the organizations and their members. Because The Professional Societies and Associations are easily identified and their members are also easily identified we will focus on this market.

Our knowledge Base will keep the subscribing members up-to-date with relevant content, with a significant savings of time and effort.

We also provide benefits to the community such as the establishment of a buying group.

We have a data base of over 500 such organizations. Most have a membership of over 4,000. We plan to have  our subscription service cost $25/month for any member that signs up.

Will be partnering with these organizations and they will assist us in making their membership aware of our services. It will become part of the services they offer from their website. The organizations will share in the profit as will the curation team members.

For our set of Health and Wellness communities we will have a very modest $5/ month fee. Payable quarterly or yearly to cover part of the administrative costs . If anyone has a problem with this it will be offered free.

We may allow very limited advertising to Partners in this area.