The Communities fall into 3 categories. Our primary focus is the Professional Society/Association market. The small business and unaligned professionals are our second market. The third market is Part of our effort to give back to the community. It consists of knowledge bases for specific illnesses or health conditions.

These all use the same platform but the Marketing and pricing are different.

Small businesses, Professionals and Technicians.

Examples would be Acupuncturists,  Appraisers, Beauty Parlors, consulting practices,  etc.

We will also provide a self curating offering for individuals and small companies on a Fixed Price basis with a modest maintenance fee.

National Professional Societies Our initial Targeted audience

There over 500 which have 6,000 or more members. Most of these provide training courses and certification programs, but most do not provide a useful knowledge base. Our strategy is to partner with these organizations and at no cost to the organizations, provide a useful service to their members at a reasonable cost.

A free Health and Wellness knowledge base.

This is our way of giving back.

We have a prototype knowledge base which is Neuroscience based.