What is a curated Knowledge Base and why is it important?

The Problem:  Members of a profession must keep up with what is happening in their area of concern. There is a huge amount of information and data out there. Do they have the time, or the discipline, or the skill sets to effectively keep current?

Probably not.

The solution is to hire a one or more professionals in their industry and have these trained individuals select/curate the articles, documents, studies and etc.  that will keep them up to date and informed.

If members find articles or documents of interest they can easily curate them. Likewise if there is an area that members feel is not adequately addressed by the Knowledgebase they can communicate with the curation team  to resolve this problem.

What is a knowledge base?

It is a collection of "documents", containing information and data stored in a structured retrievable way. A curated Knowledge Base contains "documents" that an expert, or a group of experts, have selected from approved sources for use by a specific audience. KB4ALL's objective is to provide a curated Knowledge Base for specific communities and allow their members to have current relevant information curated from the mass of data that is found in the digital world.

A Taxonomy and Faceted Search are features our curated knowledge base will contain. This will provide a more efficient and targeted way of searching the Knowledgebase.

We have built a prototype and have curated documents concerned with Neuroscience. Go to Tryit and TRY It. (It is operation but needs a little tweaking here and there)